Suicide Mission

What is to be gained by the tortured, the maimed?

The innocent folk struck down, left dismembered and lame?
What kind of God would call for a rise to arms
A charge of violence, a mission that harms?
Why listen to these voices, these words of hate?
Whose sole aim is to watch on as you blow and dissipate?
Fingerprints clean, they will live the life you gave in vain,
Breathe your air in their lungs as they walk on without blame.
Your body’s broken, your soul’s damned for hell,
While your puppet master moves on – to another gullible life to quell.
You’re no martyr, just a sacrificial pawn,
A coward who kills the defenceless, leaves his own community torn.
It’s not too late, to reject their poisonous creed
To lower your flag of bloodlust, to deny their greed.
Don’t let these charlatans steal your mind, body and soul,
Don’t let yourself be deluded by the lies they extol.
No matter our colour, our beliefs and age,
We are all in it together, we are on the same page.
Don’t tear our union apart with a serrated blade,
Let us live and love together, happily and unafraid.


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