Protection At Any Cost

Fearful, we’ll change our well-trodden routes,

Clutch our briefcases close, huddled in our suits.
Outwardly we say love will win the day
But in the safety of our home, we will silently pray
For a future free from massacre, free from slaughter
Where you could guarantee the safety of your son and daughter.
Invisible barriers will close down, block our path,
We’ll add security to every body and staff.
Our freedoms will be protected by a man armed with a gun,
Past times will be policed, there will be a curfew on fun.
We will be chained up tight in a bid to be saved,
While the cowards, the sadistic, the mentally depraved
Will walk and stalk the earth in plain sight
Freed by our terror, released by our fright.


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