Tell a dying child that your life is unfair,

That you somehow have a cross to bear
While others die from one missed drop of water,
While others are maimed and left out for slaughter.
Tell those uneducated girls who aren’t allowed to write,
That paying for extra tuition is somehow not right.
After years of education that was completely free,
You still expect something for nothing, without any fee.
Injustice is not having to pay for your own bills,
Or paying the prescription for your nonessential pills.
It’s the millions of children wiped out by their own,
It’s the adults who have to starve, thin skin on top of bone.
Tell the man dying from malaria that your plight is worse than his,
Or the man who can’t afford to feed his children as you knock back the fizz.
Let’s get some perspective and realise what we’ve got,
Not focus unhealthily on the things that we have not.


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