I tinge your skin with my asphyxiating veil,
Inflicting pain inwards, to maim and impale.
Blackening your doorway, I repel your light,
Turning love and empathy into envy and spite.
I am cold as ice, a lingering fling,
As secure as a frayed, severed string.

I have no worth, no purpose nor aim,
I’m a walking spectre, downtrodden and lame.
An emptied shell, once full of life,
Now suffocating through endless strife.
Desolate, my feelings paint my soul,
Marking me next for the bell’s toll.

But in a sea of grey faces, I don’t stand alone,
For I’m not the only shadow to curse and bemoan.
We’re a lonely race, joined through our fears,
Through our desperation and tap-like tears.
Ignored and derided, we hide in plain sight,
Strangers to skies and the warmth of sunlight.



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