My Vow

Like a limpet, I’ll stick to you like glue,

Like a stubborn weed, I’ll stay put with you,

Through all the tears and all the frowns,

Through all the ups and all the downs,

You are my raison d’etre, my guiding star

Whether we are together or separated afar.

And I will love you even when we are decrepit and greyed,

For your humour and smile shall never fade.

I will care for you when your legs don’t work,

When you get on my nerves or act like a berk.

For I love you for you, for every strength and flaw,

In every row, dispute or slam of the door.

Me and you, we were meant to be,

To grow old together and bear a family.

A love like ours extends beyond the stars,

Worth more than any rubies, riches or cars.

And fifty years from now, it will still be the same,

For time cannot knell or extinguish our flame.


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