​Bruised like a peach, cerebral scars mark my inner head,

Pinpointing clearly the source of my fear and dread.
But no one peels back the label to gaze and see,
The pain that consumes me futifully.

Ignored, despised, rejected and denied,
I’m left to drown in the dehydrated tears I’ve cried.
My golden shimmer has dimmed and fades to clear,
As all my dreams and aspirations that I hold dear
Dissipate and dissolve in a shroud of smoke, swallowed up by an invisible force anxious to see me choke.

I stand alone in a platoon of faces,
Borne in an array of creeds and races,
Who watch me flounder in plain sight,
Unwilling and unable to save me from my internal plight. 

They watch me plunge into a hungry shore,
The waves lapping, locking tightly around my core.
But as I sink into a sea of despair,
Not one steps out to show they care.

Blood ties sever, as my pained heart tumbles on a bed of sand,
Where only the peaceful sleeping fishes can  understand.
My desperate cries won’t be heard by the onlookers above,
For these damned souls can only be cured through love.

But little pity is spared for the mentally ill,
Who instead are prescribed pill after pill.
For the world cannot accept an illness inside a head,
Because who would believe one

person’s wish to be dead?


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