​They may just be a few letters but your words can inflict pain

Those calligraphed shapes can poison and maim.
Your unwarranted views and unwelcomed dits
Can build walls of silence and cause family splits.

Speak on, if you want to widen these rifts
Recall your point of view if you want to continue these tiffs
While words alone won’t break your bones
They can wound your heart and slam down phones.

Think before you speak before you hurt with your words,
Question your motives lest you unsettle your herds.
Just one word can be enough to self harm or kill
It takes just a few sounds from you for blood to spill.
Watch what you say for they can come back to haunt,
Be they a jibe, judgement or hurtful taunt.

Don’t let your tongue be the cause of another’s death,
Don’t let your spoken word makes a loved one struggle for breath.
Keep schtum, keep hurtful words to yourself
To save a stranger from the perils of mental ill health.


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