My Christmas Wish

Forget lengthy lists or a stocking by the tree,
There’s just one thing I need really.

It’s the gift that keeps giving, a marvel of this age,
It won’t cost a dime or involve a chunk of your wage.

For Christmas all I want is your unparallelled presence,
Not a brand new car, phone or pricey present.

Give me your time, make a space for me
Pen my name down one date in your diary.

For a second or two, really listen don’t snore
As I recall a tale for ten minutes or more.

Give me your undivided attention, put down that remote,
Don’t waste a penny on that Harrods fur coat.

Give me something that won’t languish at the bottom of my drawer,
Take me for a coffee,  or to a new town to explore.

Let’s go dancing, go for a bite to eat,
Let’s make a date to catch up and meet.

All I want for Christmas is time with the people I love,
Your company alone is plenty enough.
So put down those socks, or chocolate money
And make a reason to come and see me.


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