​Point your barbed arrow, pierce my heart

Aim in my direction then tear me apart. 

Watch me squirm and suffer as I wait

To be subjected to my torturous fate.
You’ve singled me out, led me to slaughter 

Put me under false security then watched me falter.

You’ve slung arrow after arrow to gleefully maim 

Ripped my dreams and left my career lame.
But I will plod on, with my confidence in shreds 

Drugged up with pills and mood enhancing meds.

I won’t let those sticks ‘n’ stones wound my soul

Those Chinese whispers won’t damage my goal.

So bitch, mock, and bully, put me at Ill ease 

Your vitriol and bile won’t stop or cease

These passions coursing through my veins,

Those fiery desires that burn like flames. 

I may be broken now, but survive I will,

To be more tham just your confirmed kill.


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