​You can bully, you can bitch, make me feel small

Or push me to the brink to end it all.
But you forget the fire inside is still alight
And I know deep down that I will be alright.
I don’t need to suffer in pursuit of my passion
I don’t need to be treated in such a deplorable  fashion.
I know my assets and know my limits
And I know that here I can’t fulfil it.
You knock me down, brick by brick
Abuse me till I’m mentally sick.
But I’m strong, stronger than you think
And I won’t allow your hate to let me sink.
I will keep on following my dreams
As I fasten up my broken seams.
You won’t be the reason I give up on life,
I won’t let you be the cause of any strain and strife.
Instead you’ll be my phoenix, my new rebirth
Where I start afresh, renewed with self-worth.
You can knock me back, try crush my aims
But all you will do is fan my flames.
I will be a blazing glory, a great success
Happy and content, free from your stress.
So remember me as I fly through the sky,
A dreamer who wasn’t afraid to try.


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