Black Dog

​It picks up the smell of fear faintly in the air,

Nostrils flickering, as it creeps out of its lair.
Nondescript, it attacks any poor soul in its path,
Slaughtering, ripping apart dreams in its warlike wrath.
It doesn’t single out the destitute or the poor,
Or slumped skeletal figures huddled by the door.
It targets anyone who bleeds suffering, pain and strife,
Regardless if they have three children and a wife.
Growling, it howls as it snatches its bait,
Tearing shreds of confidence till there is just hate.
It gives no warning of its murderous rampage,
a menacing force that can’t be contained with any cage.
Those who survive will become victims again,
Destined to relive his torture and pain.
Sedatives may hold off his bite for a while at least
Until its effects diminish and once more he feasts.
He is not satisfied until he pierces you with his  nail-like claws,
Until he pins you down and crushes your hopes with his killer paws.
He’s a predator who preys on the weak,
On the mighty, rich, deprived and meek.
Cast iron gates can’t hold back his will
He won’t stop until he has had his kill.
Accept defeat and your pain will be slow
A lingering plague that will ebb and flow.
His is a poison that pollutes the mind
That will disable your sense and leave you blind.
You won’t see the light in the endless dark,
You won’t hear the soothing sound of a calling lark.
Your future is bleak with no end in sight,
As you are left immobile in an internal fight.


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