Red sky in morning


We can see clearly now at ungodly 5am,
When the smoke departs, reality us condemns.
Shades of volcanic red seep behind the sleepy sun,
Bursting at the seams, firing like a gun.
As the unlucky few look into the firepits of hell,
behind chains of cloud, the brimstone and lava above swell.
Our idyllic life is a sham,
The sky works just as a dam
To stop us being engulfed in a thicket of flame,
But even nature now is feeling the strain.
For a few minutes each day, the truth cracks through the sky,
As through scripture and bibles we question why
The earth exists,
Why it resists
The urge to turn on its axis and free of its fleas,
The little earthlings who’ve colonised with pain and disease.
But the reality is that we are all stuck fast,
On a planet of condemnation, preparing to blast.
One day it will certainly blow,
And down to the pits we will go.
For hell isn’t fiction, it isn’t a lie,
It’s not a place reserved for the wicked when they die.
For this gas ball of blue and green,
Is just a cover, a disguise for the real thing.
We are right here living it, just yards from the core,
Its not something out of a book or a tale from folk lore.
Your charity and selflessness won’t save you from this fate,
Our public speakers won’t be able to convince to change the date
When earth’s coals start to broil and simmer,
When earth’s lights go out, just like a dimmer.
All we can do is await our fate,
Preaching love not hate,
As the sky once more turns blue
And we stalk the earth without a clue
Of the stark reality in front of our eyes,
In plain view, no longer disguised.
But we don’t want the truth, we’d rather lies
Of where we are going at our demise.
We’ll continue campaigns of love and fear, fooling strangers and those we hold dear.

The world can’t go on forever, it can’t stand the heat,
Like us, it has a shelf life when it starts to deplete.
What will we do then when the earth starts to crack,
When the sky darkens and turns ebony black?
Where will your gods be, your husband or wife?
When the earth splits like a slice from a knife?
So when you see the molten ink leak into the sky,
Open your eyes, listen carefully when the earth starts to cry.
It is not just a warning for shepherd’s or early birds,
It is a reality check that means more than ancient words.


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