Nine To Strive


Why work, shirts pressed, for a trek by train, foot and tube?
When you can shirk, tracksuit creased, licking crumbs from a crisp tube?
Why bother to wake to regret another day?
When you dread each minute, the only reward your pay?
Why submerge yourself in a sea of commuters,
To let your brain rot in front of a computer?
Why live in a rat-infested studio with views over bins,
When you can sit and relax, necking back a couple of tins?
Why put yourself through grief by a bullying boss,
Who stamps on creativity, approving just dross?
Why wave goodbye to your child’s childhood as you board your train?
When that disappointed face might be the last one you see again?
Why pay through the nose for a service that doesn’t run?
A train firm who delays and then cancels them just for fun?
Why give your soul to a soulless profession?
Why risk your dignity and pride for quicker progression?
Is your 9-5 worth missing out on your life here on earth?
On an endless conveyor belt – your transport since birth?
Don’t you dream of jacking it in and escaping the hives?
Away from bill, mortgages and crumbling-down dives?
but us worker bees will carry on working
as the few among us continue shirking.
but don’t pity their easy simple laid-back lives,
pity the fools who self-injure with their very own knives.
For as we continue on the endless hamster wheel,
Our dreams, hopes and futures our managers do steal.
the only break you’ll have is when you stop breathing,
or if you swallow your pride, and tell that you’re leaving.
Cos when your time is up, do you really want to say
You dedicated your life to your working day?
That you sacrificed yourself to an uncaring machine?
Just an employee number, not heard and not seen?
Do you want to tell your children that your life’s work was in vain?
That you spent most of it slumped on a broken-down train?
Do you want to tell how you profited from the mistakes of the needy?
Or how your heart became cold as you grew greedy?
Do you want to tell how you walked on when a man fell at your feet?
Cos you couldn’t afford to miss out on your seat?
Is your work in the office a good use of your time?
Wasting away in the capital with the dirt and the grime?
Wouldn’t you rather board a plane nowhere near?
Rather than counting down the dates of every calendar year?
So ditch your commute, ditch this slog.
Ditch the envy, the dog-eat-dog.
And live life instead as god had intended
Enjoying the fruits of life he has lended.
Let’s not be victims of our success.
Putting down others as we strive to be the best.
Let us be explorers and see the world so vast
Put down your keyboard, you don’t know how long it’ll last.
Don’t let your desk be the last thing you touch,
The confining , suffocating, human-sized hutch.
Soar high and open your wings,
And realise there are more important things
Than working to deadline, working through the night.
When you’d be better off taking in all the sights
In a new place, nation, country or life.
Away from the stresses and workplace strife.
Don’t let ‘yes boss’ be your last phrase,
Or your desperate request for a raise.
Let hope fund your dreams, let love be your riches,
Never be usurped by mental bruises and stitches.
Choose a more rewarding and fulfilling career,
Make the most of your life while you’re still here.


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