August 11, 2012


Our story is short, just four years in,
But in four short years we’ve fit a lot in.
We’ve set up three homes, walked down the aisle,
fought valiantly through each toil and trial.
We’ve journeyed on a jet to landscape wild,
And even had time to welcome our child.

But through every row and every tear,
Through every heartache and burgeoning fear
You’re right there faithfully by my side,
Whether love ebbs or flows like the tide.
Unpredictable like the wind, sunny then gales,
It is more like weather than the stuff of fairytales.

But when I’m feeling blue or feeling down,
When my smile cracks and turns to a frown,
I look back fondly to four years before,
Where our married life first came to the fore.
In crushed taffeta and reams of lace,
Nervously I walked down at a quickened pace.

At the altar you stood in smart navy blue,
Anxious after necking down a drink or two.
Lifting up my veil, you took my hand,
On that day we had so meticulously planned
With upside down umbrellas and twinkling stars,
Home cooked food, and Rolls Royce cars.

There were boughs of wheat and lavender sprigs,
summer punches you made and roasted pigs.
In a humble hall, we stumbled our first dance,
Intoxicated by summer boozing, held tight in love’s trance.
While memories fade, you know love never dies,
We’ll stay afloat together in life’s lows and its highs.


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